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Logitech Wireless Performance Mouse MX for PC and Mac

The Logitech M950 wireless mouse uses the human body engineering design and the standard right hand design. The mouse is distorted to the right which makes it feels like a left hand products. Actually this is the most popular reverse human body engineering at present time. In fact, if we look at our palm, it’s not hard to find that the root of the thumb is thicker, so the mouse feels more comfortable with the design of swing out towards the outside of hands.

This product has a very outstanding spot, which is that the mouse not only adopts the most representative Logitech MicroGear wheel, but also has a metal frame at where the mouse and contacts, which feels very metallic. Let’s learn from the pictures for its appearance.Logitech Wireless Performance Mouse MX for PC and Mac

The biggest advantage of the Logitech M950 wireless mouse is its strong compatibility (unbounded) technology. It carries the Logitech’s latest DARK FIELD location engine, which is based on the traditional laser technology, but on top of which Logitech makes a great improvement. The Logitech says that this product can be used on the transparent glass (not colored glass)


1. Using the right hand human body engineering design, achieve the best comfort

2. The various function keys appear around the thumb make our operation easier

3. Rechargeable design allows us use the product when it is charging

4. The application of the MicroGear wheel makes operation easy

5. Logitech also provides a portable bag, which makes it easily to carry when we go out


1. It is a little heavy. After using for a long time, users may get a bit tired

2. The size is big. It is not easy to use for small hand users

Applicable people: High-end business users

Product rating:★★★★☆ (Five-star for full marks)

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